Choose fabric machine mode of transport Transport machines are generally used cloth Automotive way, consider the problem of selecting a variety of factors and vehicle Automotive Automotive picking two ways. So what case picking, best sale js1000 china twin shaft concrete mixer under what circumstances truckload it? Truckload fabric machine situation: 1, the tonnage at or near the maximum vehicle load. If we do not get the goods loaded on overload, in which case only chartered truckload use. Or less can only be equipped with special goods, in which case the driver unload much too costly, it must be chartered. 2, the volume of the vehicle at or near the maximum volume that can be accommodated, so that the vehicle can not be the same with other goods, resulting in higher transport costs continue picking or overload. 3, from the factory site in particular partial or particularly close, can not be picking this case had chartered. 4, the site particularly anxious to use, js2000 electric portable concrete mixer in china requires transport time is short, we must be able to charter arrived on site as required. On the contrary, the use of fabric machine picking transportation. Mainly to meet the following conditions, picking more convenient, fabric machine after Bahrain tonnage and volume is much lower than the load of the vehicle, construction site cloth machine is not in a hurry. Selection of raw materials of concrete cloth machine bracket Selection of raw materials concrete fabric holder directly affect the fabric and life of the machine fixed, fabric machine choose the rear wall of the main stand 375 drums, dual steel, concrete cloth machine by pressing the material button, discharging belt conveyor work in the main beam of the U-shaped fixed straight card using a rubber U-shaped card, fixed more thoroughly.       With a good concrete dry material discharged into the mixer hopper. After completion of the material, the material belt machine automatically stops and automatically start the second cycle of ingredients, the end of the second cycle of ingredients, and wait for the material, and so forth. 380 large bearing bends, the choice of bearing elbow, rotate and more flexible. dongfeng 6×4 dalishen twin shafts concrete mixer In the main beam fixed straight U-shaped card using a rubber U-shaped card, fixed more thoroughly. Introduce concrete fabric base  Concrete placing machine base is a fixed part of the concrete placing machine, a direct impact on the stability of the base cloth fabric machine manual machine is generally square, electric cloth machine generally consists of four diagonally welded iron, no matter what fabric machine Base weight must be enough, it will easily collapse.